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A Work-in-Progress

I wrote some more of that novel-in progress I submitted to Literary Awards. It seems to be a pretty good piece of writing for a first draft. I felt really good about the writing that I’d done, and had been writing down a lot of impressions and reflections from this trip to Florida for some future writings, but everything came to a halt a few days ago. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Remember that story I told you about the girl changing her life because of her upcoming class reunion? I’ve decided to add a character. I have a few aunts down here that I can exaggerate into the mother from hell. As I was reading about this woman’s boyfriend, his father sounded almost just like my aunts. It shows that even in high school, they were the same old aunts. I’ve also toyed around with changing the catalyst slightly. I mean, the reunion will still be the target date to have all of this “life revision” completed, but I thought about using a different catalyst, like something I remember from high school that I think is really unique. It will give me great material for a flashback sequence, where I can make more use of this class secretary. I’ve added a few elements to the original, so it should work out fabulously.

On to why all the writing stopped. My financial aid is in crisis right now. I’ve been working so hard to get my gpa up and qualify for more grants and scholarships, but the money isn’t coming. I can’t take out a loan I need to return to Purdue because I don’t have a viable co-signer (no co-signer at all really). That leaves me here with not enough money to go back, so I will have to either transfer or take a year off to work and save enough to go back. Ugh! Nothing like a school crisis to kill a good creative buzz. And the negativity down here kicked what little was left, except to inspire a new character.

So if you are praying Christians out there, pray for me. This is going to be a tough month coming up. I have no idea what the Lord has in store for me, but I know it will lead to blessings (and good writing!).

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