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A Writer and a Christian

The type of writing I want to do: That’s a big question mark. I haven’t tried everything yet, not short story writing for one. I have tried novel writing and even poetry, but I don’t think I’ve found my niche yet. I’ve thought for a long time about turning my attentions towards Christian Fiction, and I’ve been tossing a few diefferent ideas around in my head, but so far I haven’t come up with anything concrete. It’s still a great possibility.

My Christianity is a big part of my writing life, whether I’ve always realized it or not. There isn’t much that I’ve written that hasn’t at least alluded to the big themes of the Bible, and some of my better received pieces are those that directly address spiritual truths. Maybe that’s where my calling truly lies, in writing Christian literature. I don’t know. I don’t mean to be wishy-washy. I think it’s the writer’s block that makes me so.

I’ve never felt so empty of ideas and theories. I’m empty of names, places, time periods, themes, plotlines, motifs–everything. I don’t see anything like I normally do. But maybe my eyes aren’t even open. Maybe my creativity is asleep, continuously hitting the snooze button, only dreaming she is up and getting ready to start out.

I’m going to go on anway, and sit around watching the cursor blink until something worth punching the keys comes along.