I’m in a Situation…

It has been rough going for me emotionally the past few days. I have been indulging in feeling hurt about this situation with this guy and it led to me remembering some other incidents and I got some good writing out of it. Pain is love, and it also brings out my best work. I get into that place where I hurt in theory only, not in any real sustained way. It gets me through. I know that if I have no person to be in a romantic relationship with, I still have two things: God and my writing. Sounds a lot sadder to you than it does to me, I think.

I will not be overly pessimistic and claim that I will never find love in anything but God, pen, or in between the pages of a good book, but I will say that I wish I had good writing that came from more than pain.

I found out about some of the creative writing programs around the country, and it will take a lot to get into them, but of course I knew that already. I am in the process of finding someone to help me get together a good portfolio, then there will only be the GRE to prepare for and to concentrate on getting my gpa up.
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