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Have Writing. Will Travel.

Travel Writing is the closet class I have to a writing class, although the title is deceptive. Travel writing, thus far, has been reading travel writing and not writing anything. The only remotely writing related assignment in the near future is an imitation of one of the pieces we’ve read already that we can write in place of writing an analysis of the section of the book we are reading. Hmm. I knew it was a trick when I put my name on it. I’m disappointed, because when I signed up, I knew I was going to spend the summer in Florida, and that I would have some interesting stories to tell; indeed, I have a lot of them. The only thing is I don’t really like the way most of the stories we are reading are written, and I wouldn’t defile my Florida experience by prostituting it for a good grade, and not only prostituting it, but for a cheap price! I just can’t do it. I would definitely be able to turn over a few of those disastrous trips to Tennessee and find something that would fit the in the excruciating category.

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