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Street Harrassment

Oh, boy do I have a tale to recount. I was walking, minding my own business when, to my distress, I saw a group of people waiting for a bus in one of the shelters. I didn’t look at them, I just kept on walking, but of course I couldn’t just walk on unmolested. The guys began to call to me “Hey Midnight” whatever that means, because I don’t have a complexion or disposition similar to Midnight. Anyway, they kept it up until I was out of sight, yelling all kinds of crap at me, asking me if I thought I was too good to respond. I thought to myself “Absolutely, jerkoff! What kind of immature person are you to stand there screaming at me, being derogatory and then have the nerve to ask if I think I’m too good to talk to you. Just thought I’d vent.