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It’s a Small Campus After All

You know, you’d think on a campus with nearly 40,000 other people, you’d be able to avoid one particular person, but no, not at Purdue! Since there are so few black students here, just like at my old school, they all seem to find a way to congregate together. Now, being the conscientious, concerned African-American student that I am, I am truly interested in joining the Black Student Union. Of course, that will mean seeing P every time we have a meeting, or every time he decides to show up. I really don’t have anything against the boy, it’s not his fault he’s capricious; he’s a male. But that doesn’t mean that I want to be confronted with his capriciousness every time I want to be around other students of color. You cannot hide from people around here, but then again, maybe that’s the point. A grown woman doesn’t go around hiding from people just because she doesn’t agree with them/doesn’t feel like being bothered by them; she has too much stuff to do in the day to be worried about who might be at this place when she gets there, or who she might see on the way to this place. I do have a life to lead, however mediocre it may seem compared to some of the heavy partying, continuous hooking up, and regurgitating that the average freshman here seems to do. No, I won’t say the average, I’ll say the very visible minority.

On to other news…I have finally gotten my books due to an emergency loan, so I have been catching up on my homework…I finally got a job, working 20 hours a week, where I get free meals during the time that I work, which means I actually get to eat more than once a day…I am finally getting into the swing of college activities–I went to two club meetings tonight, trying to find a club or two I would like to join. Of course, the Black Student Union was one of those. I am not sure if I will continue going. I have to reevaluate that one, what with P being in the club and all. Anyway, I just hope that I can keep up with all of my commitments and make the most of my first semester.

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Stay tuned for another misadventure of this almost grown woman…until the next time, keep it true, no matter how many feelings truth hurts!