Boring–Don’t Know Why

I don’t know why I’m writing today…just didn’t want to break the chain of days I’ve written, I guess. The only thing I can possibly write about is a few of the character sketches I did sitting in the lounge yesterday…well, tell me what you think of them:

1. It’s the first time she’s seen a black person before. She can’t hold my presence in her eyes, so dispenses it out of the wide “O” of her mouth. I think it’s funny, really, the way she swivels in the front seat, eyes wide, face placed on the glass like an enchanted child looking through a Macy’s window at Christmas. I guess to her I must be CNN walking along State Street. To me, she would have been one dumb hick in Osh Kosh overalls, engaged to cousin Bobby up the creek with the big factory job in the big city. But today, she’s a college student with no education.

Changed my mind…that’s the only one I’m gonna post.

Bored to the Brain,


P.S. Peace Love and Hair grease. Reader the footer

Stay tuned for another misadventure of this almost grown woman…until the next time, keep it true, no matter how many feelings truth hurts!

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