First Frat Party

An old acquaintance from high school invited me to her boyfriend’s frat for a party tonight. I wasn’t doing anything special so I went.

Now, just for reference, I’d like to reiterate something: I’m black; Kappa Delta Rho is a predominately white fraternity. So in short, there I am, just me and the token black guy, character #1.

Now, characters are typical people for typical events. I will refer to them often, so pay attention.

Character #1, aka Token Black Guy, is very easy to spot, and not just because of his color; no, no, no. He is Uber-black man. He is darker than average, with dreads or a fro, great at all “black things (in this case, having rhythm)”, yet willing to deign himself to party with the white crowd. He drinks too much, doesn’t say a whole lot, and is a major follower.

Character #2, also at KDP, is your token light-weight in the drinking arena. Light-weight drinks like a heavy weight until he is TKOed by his drink of choice. He is usually an underclassmen, who will insist he isn’t really drunk yet, he’s “only had a few.” He sways when standing still, asks you the same things every five minutes, starts to talk and forgets why he’s talking, and is either a happy drunk, a sad drunk, or an angry drunk. They will talk constantly about nothing. Beware, they are fun to watch, not to talk to.

Character #3 is the happy drunk. Happy drunks laugh at nothing, smile a lot, and talk a lot. Even so, they rarely remember anything you say for two seconds, and ask you the same questions every five minutes, like a looped pre-recording. “What’s your name? Cool, cool. What’s your major? Really, I think English sucks. My mom’s an English professor. What’s your name? cool, cool…” Happy drunks are harmless, really, just not a lot of fun to the people who try to keep them from alcohol poisoning. More Characters tomorrow (Did I ever meet a cool guy? Stay tuned to find out). Until next time, read the footer. Peace, Love, and Hair grease.

Stay tuned for another misadventure of this almost grown woman…until the next time, keep it true, no matter how many feelings truth hurts!

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