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Doing the College Thing

Well, first of all, sorry I haven’t written in a while, but life as an almost grown woman has gotten pretty hectic, what with getting ready to go off to college and everything. I’m sure you know from the last entry that I had more help than I needed with learning how to care for a woman’s appearance, but no one prepared me much for having a woman’s spirit. I really needed the resilient, make-a-way-out-of-no-way spirit of some of my foremothers to get through all of the trials and tribulations of just getting here.

First, remember all those people who were caravanning me to school? One thing I can say about my family, they talk a good game but none of them step up. My aunt took the time off and went to a wedding; grandma did the same; my uncle Danny, the only one with a legitimate excuse, has knee problems and has a UVB infection in one of his eyes; My great-uncle didn’t want to miss the annual Dream Cruise; and everyone else didn’t bother with an excuse.

Our power was out in the biggest blackout in U.S. history from Thurs. until this morning (Saturday). I couldn’t find a rental van, we had no driver, no gas stations were open, and I was about ready to freak, but I told my mom, we are going to get me to school today, and I went and talked to my great-uncle again and got us a driver.

We managed to get a big minivan. At first it didn’t look as if my stuff would fit, but I said, “I’m not leaving anything. We’ll make it fit.” and we did. We got stuck in traffic because a moving van was on fire, we drove through dark, stormy weather for over half an hour, but we were going to get here, and I’m here now and I can’t wait to get into it.

All that adversity really helped me realize how much I really want this, and forced me to redefine myself. All of the beauty tips were really helpful, but I am here to gain the intellect of a woman, not necessarily a male counterpart. That, and signature scents, can come later.  Well, must finish unpacking. Look for a series on first college experiences coming up. You know what to do. Peace, love and hair grease.

Stay tuned for another misadventure of this almost grown woman…until the next time, keep it true, no matter how many feelings truth hurts!