Viva La Vacation!

8 Jul 2003 Viva La Vacation!

I am in beautiful Chicago for the next two weeks… ah, Bliss, what a pleasure to meet you! I’m sorry about that rampage I went on the last time I wrote, but sometimes you’ve just got to get it all out there.

I have to register for school tomorrow, which promises to be a day of endless papers to fill out and countless places to walk to… my feet are throbbing already!

As far as being an almost grown woman is concerned, nothing much is going on. I haven’t made any adult decisions. As a matter of fact, I’ve been revolting against growing up. Stop the clock! I am never going to be mature enough to save my money to pay the light bill when a great pair of jeans is on sale. I’m not interested in having children or driving a minivan. I don’t like to cook wholesome meals and tell people to eat their vegetables. I most certainly am not ready to run a staff meeting or develop a strategic marketing initiative for a Fortune 500 company. Long live the days of complete freedom known as the college years. Who needs to grow up, just stay in college FOREVER! You won’t have to pay those loans back if you keep going, and you’ll never have to miss a party to cheer at a soccer game in fifty degree weather.

Stay tuned for another misadventure of this almost grown woman…until the next time, keep it true, no matter how many feelings truth hurts!

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