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In Memoriam

Today hasn’t been a very good day. I found out some very upsetting news. It kind of puts a damper on the whole happy-go-lucky graduation atmosphere…

My aunt Catherine was in the hospital in New Jersey for her emphysema. She was hooked up to an oxygen machine to relieve her condition. Some incompetent at the hospital accidentally unplugged her breathing machine and didn’t realize it until nearly two days later. So her kidneys began failing and she had to be put on life support. They pulled the plug today…Needless to say death would be a sour note in any song, but it is especially sour when it means that when I graduate in three days, half of my family won’t be able to attend. Sadness…

Anywho, I don’t feel like writing much else… not in a good mood. Footer  

Stay tuned for another misadventure of this almost grown woman…until the next time, keep it true, no matter how many feelings truth hurts!

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