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Just a Thought…

I didn’t do much today, just laid around watching movies with my friends. Even almost grown women revel in the little pleasures sometimes. Anyway, on to what I really wanted to write about…

Have you ever noticed that when you set out to accomplish something, all manner of things come up to thwart you? Take yesterday for instance. I began cleaning my room, and I developed this plan. I planned to clean up my entire room and study for my killer French exam for a few hours. Well, see what had happened was…I began reading online diaries on my break… then I began reading a harlequin romance novel… then my friends said “Come on, let’s watch this movie,” etc. To make a long story short, half of my room got cleaned. I did manage to make study guides for French today and even studied some. Go me! But I am still going to fail!

I have been bitten hard in the butt by senioritis. I feel like I am completely done, when, in theory, I still have two finals and a graduation before I am done. I’ve tried convincing myself of that, but it’s not working. I am so done, but I am so not done at the same time and all I really want to do is concentrate on my writing and look forward to next year when I will be in college… It’s all so close I can reach out and touch it. Well, that’s enough for now. Peace love and hair grease!

Stay tuned for another misadventure of this almost grown woman…until the next time, keep it true, no matter how many feelings truth hurts!

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