Is it Enough to Dream?

I took my first final yesterday…ugh…that’s all I can say. I hate taking finals, partly because I am such a procrastinator, I never get much studying done before the “Cram Zone.” I really have to work on that before I go to college next year.

College. What a lovely word! I can’t wait to go, although I suspect I may have a few problems adjusting to it. Not most of the usual problems, though. You see, I’m a boarder at a private school, and I was in a summer boarding program, so I’m used to roommates and sharing bathrooms. I have had some of the most interesting roommates and suitemates known to man.

For instance, my very first roommate, in the summer program, was a very quiet, extremely smart girl. She wasn’t, however, ready to be away from home, and left after a few days. I wonder what happened to her. We tried everything to get her to stay, but I guess living away from home isn’t for everybody. My next roommate was pretty cool, but she was from a different culture and had different habits and rituals than I did. All I can say is, at least she was quiet and clean. My last roommate was a little odd. She was not only the biggest insomniac that ever walked the face of the earth, she constantly was marveled when I did ordinary things like wash laundry and change my sheets. Apparently, she’d had a rough experience with a nasty roommate.

This year, I have a suitemate. A word of advice, never agree to room or share a bathroom with a friend unless you know for sure what there habits are. My suitemate, D, drives me crazy. Not only is she perky at 7 in the morning, she has all these little “suggestions”: “So and so tells me that you should wrap up your hair before you throw it away, it’s not something someone wants to see when they are using the bathroom.” And?…ugh…but come Friday, I’m free.

I hope that I don’t get some crazy roommate, some uptight person that I don’t have anything in common with.

I hope I meet a lot of cool people, people that I can hang out with. There are only two other people from my school going to Purdue next year, which is just the way I like it. College is another one of those opportunities to change, if you use it right. I will be in an environment where two people of 40,000 know who I am, or, rather, who I am supposed to be. It’s such an interesting prospect. I can completely reinvent myself, be who and what I really want to be…such a head rush.. I am in love with the new Whitney Houston song “Try It on my Own.” I feel you girl!

I feel like college is still a dream. But is it enough to dream? Am I actually going to risk it, be the person that I really am when I get to college? I don’t know, I’ll probably slip into the shadows, as always. I’m not a person who stands out. But then again, I’m becoming a woman, a very intelligent if not overly attractive one. I have a nice shape and a great personality. I think I can do it. Well, I guess that’s enough ruminating for now, gotta study¬† for a killer French final. Au revoir (Read the footer. Peace, love and hair grease!)

Stay tuned for another misadventure of this almost grown woman…until the next time, keep it true, no matter how many feelings truth hurts!

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