Since its beginning as the blog The Season for Getting Serious in 2014, the aim of Serious Season Press has been to provide tools to Christian women seriously seeking the Savior in every season of life. Serious Season Press produces books, bible studies, journals and accessories which serve to promote and propel a personal relationship with Christ.

Serious Season Publishing Services provides book coaching, editing, and formatting services to Christian authors who wish to tell their stories and/or write books pointing others to Christ.


About The Season for Getting Serious Blog

It took me a while to figure out how to encapsulate my diverse interests into a dedicate place to express my heart for God, His word, and Christian women. I wanted it to portray the type of Christian woman I am: committed to serious study of the scriptures and seeking God’s will in my life, yes, but also full of the fun, the feminine and even the occasionally fluffy. After all, being a woman of faith doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and enjoy the journey.

In December of 2010, I wrote a blog post entitled “The Season for Getting Serious.” The purpose of the post was to talk about how people try to cram everything they meant to do all year into the last few months of the year. I proposed that, instead of the usual mad dash to do all the things in the busiest part of the year, people should take the time to access where they are and get serious about a plan for how to get where they want to go.
That post became Freshly Pressed on WordPress and resonated with hundreds of readers. It seemed I wasn’t the only one wrestling with getting serious about various areas of her life. It took me three years to figure out that the season for getting serious perfectly summed up this stage of my life: getting serious about my faith, writing, finances, career, and relationships. I wanted to create a space to share that struggle, and to encourage others to get serious about their lives, faith, and future.
Those of us in our twenties and thirties are in a┬áprime position to enter the season for getting serious. We are finishing school, starting careers and families, and establishing ways of life independent from our parents. It’s important to start off the way we want to go, and to stay the course. My prayer is this site gives you a little glimpse into how one Christian woman is finding joy on that journey.


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